Who to Follow on Twitter in the Toronto Beer Scene

If you’re into beer, and a good many Torontonians are (it is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, after all), this list will keep you in the know regarding the latest tastes, pairings, stores…and shipments, starting first with the Distillery District’s own

Mill Street Brewery – @MillStreetBrew
Great Beer Lives Here’

This lively handle is a reflection of the social nature of beer drinking. Located in the historic @DistilleryTO, @MillStreetBrew tweets about stouts, public samplings and live musical performances at the Mill St. Brewpub.

@TOBeerFestivalToronto Beer Festival – @TOBeerFestival
Toronto’s Festival of Beer, July 27-29, 2012

Updated frequently, this twitter handle is a portal into all things beer in the GTA area. The festival may be months away, but @TOBeerFestival is tapped into most of the beer news about town.

@BierMarktBier Markt – @BierMarkt
An atmosphere that balances sociability with sophistication

A pub with upscale Belgian cuisine combined with weekly social events (beer specials!) and annual favourites, such as February’s tantalizing #FondueFeastival. Best beer selection in the city.

@troyGCPBBlogGreat Canadian Beer Blog – @troyGCPBBlog
Publisher of Great Canadian Beer Blog, Co-Founder of Toronto Beer Week

Troy Burtch is a fountain of information on the subject of beer. He has made a living from his passion, which he shares with his followers through regular updates. Burtch has contributed greatly to the Toronto beer scene.

@starbeerJosh Rubin – @starbeer
Beer columnist and business reporter for the Toronto Star. I tweet mostly about beer, but sometimes about business, politics or sports

From Tankhouse to Trump, this handle offers followers musings on a wide array of topics, though mostly beer. Be the first to know when the Toronto Star’s published a beer-related piece, and the first to retweet it, too!

@SteamWhistleSteam Whistle Brewing – @SteamWhistle
Just another Good Beer Folk tweeting lastest news & giving you goodies

Steam Whistle is a brewery with a lot going on, from parties and concerts to the monthly art show exhibited in the @SteamWhistle gallery. Follow this popular handle for a youthful look into Toronto beer culture.

@BeerAdvocateBeer Advocate – @BeerAdvocate
Beer tweets by @JasonAlstrom, @ToddAlstrom (Alstrom Bros), Founders of BeerAdvocate, hardcore champions of craft beer & brewing

Experts on the best of beer, the @BeerAdvocate handle from the Alstrom brothers is a great starting point for those unfamiliar with Toronto’s overwhelming beer selections. Check out the blog, too, and awaken your inner connoisseur.

@beerboozebitesBeer, Booze & Bites – @beerboozebites
Greg Clow, Publisher of beerboozebites.com & canadianbeernews.com. Ex-publisher of tasteto.com

A social extension of his excellent blog, www.beerboozebites.com, Greg Clow’s twitter handle is a voyeuristic (and often humorous) look into the tricks and habits of a notable local boozie/foodie.

@GreatlakesbeerGreat Lakes Brewery – @GreatLakesBeer
Toronto’s Oldest Craft Brewery

Even excluding its name, the @GreatLakesBeer handle has a certain Canadiana vibe—recent updates have included progress reports about an outdoor ice rink being built by the employees. Tune in for ever-evolving flavours, including ‘wacky one-offs’.

@beerbistroTOBeer Bistro – @beerbistroTO
A beer cuisine restaurant in the heart of Toronto

Specializing in beer cuisine, this popular downtime spot is located downtown and encourages beer pairings with all menu items, even desserts! Stay tuned to this handle for new imports, particularly those of the organic variety.

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