Warehouse 13 Season 3 in the Distillery

Location for Warehouse 13 – The Distillery District Toronto

Warehouse 13 season 3 film set behind the scenes in the distillery district location in Toronto, ontario, canadaIt was a busy day in the streets of the Distillery District in Toronto last Tuesday.  Film crews were setting up and it was like being transformed into a different period of time. I realized the large time clock in the square had a different face plate, and it displayed an incorrect time.  It was the film set of an exciting television show called Warehouse 13.  The filming of season 3 already has begun. The Warehouse 13 is an American fantasy television series that had it`s premiere on July 7 2009 on the SyFy network.  Apparently it had the third largest debut, with 3.5 million viewers. Toronto distillery district and the behind the scenes backgound holding area for warehouse 13 season 3 The tv show is about a couple of US Secret Service Agents who are abruptly assigned to the government secret warehouse 13 located in South Dakota.  This warehouse 13 is home of  supernatural artifacts.   I did not  know  Warehouse 13 received it’s first ever Emmy nomination in 2010.   As I walked the streets and admired the t.v. set and some of it’s props.  Tthis SyFy tv show has transferred my state of being into another era of time, where I wanted to take things a bit slower.   I want to find out more about the dated artifacts.

An actor in period costume for warehouse 13 season three behind the scenes in the Distillery District TorontoTV Production in the Distillery District

I found the location manager working with Warehouse 13 and he kindly gave us a short tour during his busy work day.   I went to the background holding area where they were doing period costumes and makeup for the actor’s and actresses. This is where some more of the magic happens. I had been in this building before but it was for an art auction.  Completely different vibe today.  Wow, I did feel like I was in a time warp. We began to chat with one of the extra actors. It seemed rather strange to see him wearing his period attire.
Being an extra in the film experience must offer some inspiration and resourceful tools.   Standing beside him i could feel  the amazing time differential that seperated us. The costume designers and makeup artists did an excellent job with his new look. It was hard to believe that I was chatting with one of my contemporaries and not a historical figure that I met in a time machine journey.

The background film crew for Warehouse 13 Distillery District Toronto April 2011

Steam Engine Behind the Scenes

While I explored behind the scenes and talked to the film crew I couldn`t help compare the old techniques to the new.  Here we found the tv series crew monitoring the steam engine that was going to be used to make the fog for the scene.  The water turns the steam into a boiler and expands in volume, it can also be used for mechanical power.  The steam engine has a long history going back 2000 years in history.  It was a power source for tractors and railway locomotives and now the steam turbines generate 80 % of the electric power in the world.   The commercial roofing companies have used the steam engines for working with the hot asphalt and other reinforcement material.  Some may still use these small versions today.

SyFy Network Television Series by Jack Kenny and David Simkins

In toronto ontario canada distillery district the props for the warehouse 13 tv series making of season 3 Well, after my brief period back in time I realized that I had to get back to the modern day world and get some work done.   Life is lived at a much faster pace these days. I took my last look at the horse and buggy and the people dressed in late 1800 period attire. I think it`s great to be able to be taken back into time if only for a short period of time. I went to one of the local cafes and got my organic hot chocolate.   I like thinking of the past but comparing it to the present and future.   Warehouse 13 SyFy network television series executive produced by Jack Kenny and David Simkins has caught my interest now.  Too bad I don`t watch tv usually.   I realize the transformational quality of artifacts and relics that allow us to bridge the past to the present. I might have to view this American fantasy tv show and see if it can transfer my reality in times of need.

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