Vintage Gardener Moves to a New Location in the Distillery

Toronto distillery district in Spring the week before mothers day the vintage garden displays plants and flowersVintage Gardener Moves Around the Corner in the Distillery District

As I was admiring the spring weather in the Distillery District I noticed that the Vintage Gardener had packed up shop and moved like a disgraced Mennonite.  I had previous thoughts of my mother who loves gardening enjoying this shop and having the opportunity to share it with her.  Mother`s day is fast approaching.  We have one week until we find something to show as a token of appreciation for our maternal family members.   There is no need to fret garden lovers and people in search of mothers day gifts.  Along my stroll in the distillery I pleasantly discovered that the shop only relocated around the corner to what looks like a smaller location.  I have been trying to meet with the busy garden ladies that run the Vintage Gardener for a while but our schedules have not let us connect.   I enjoyed the sunshine and took my camera out and admired the displays The flowers and plants located outside of the vintage gardener in Torontothey have set out on the cobblestone streets beside the Boiler House.  The sun captured the Hydrangea, Tulips, Azalea, Martha Washington Geraniums, Aqualegia and the like.  I`d say there is something definitely there to purchase for Mom`s day, or something to just help celebrate spring.

Mother’s Day Ideas- It’s opening weekend for the Flower Market Carts!!! The daffodils in the distillery district outiside displayed for the Vintage Gardener the week before mothers day.

It was unfortunate that the gardeners were not around attending shop but they kindly left a sign saying that they were ‘gone gardening’.  I checked out their market carts.   I liked this catchy door signage too but I couldn’t stick around waiting too long.  I did dig up some information on the Vintage Gardener.  Elaine is a fifth generation Canadian Gardener and you may have read about her in a favourite magazine, or even seen her on television.   She has spent (what seems) a lifetime in the garden, first, growing up on a dirt road outside of Streetsville within a gardening family. Elaine’s grandfather won an award at the New Toronto Garden Show in 1929. Anna, her daughter, and Elaine know a lot about gardening. Vintage Gardener’s own Elaine & Anna Martin are both entertaining and informative. They share lots of tips for bringing a seasonal garden look into your home decorating and entertaining!

the new location of the vintage gardener in the disillery district and clay pot displays for sale the week before mothers day.

The Culinary Herb Festival in Toronto June 2011

During the Festival, the Vintage Gardener market carts are full to the canopy with garden goodies & gadgets along with your favourite (and sometimes hard to find) culinary herb plants.  This year’s festival features are the ready to plant four inch herb pot that are 3 for $10 and the designer terrace planters that are $45, ready to pop in place and a moveable feast.  Each Day throughout the festival, Herbal Experts will be on hand to inspire and answer your garden questions and share tips and recipes.  Sounds like a green culinary dream…..


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