The Young Centre Les Louises Fine Foods Cafe in The Distillery

Artist Special with the Theatre ExperienceThe Young Centre for Performing Arts Centre in the Distillery District

While looking for a warm place to grab a delicious tasty drink and lunch we entered into the Young Centre for the Performing Arts Centre, where the Soulpepper theatre is located.  Often social media contests offer a chance to win tickets to the performances.  The reason we were there was because there were rumors that the cafe was offering a good variety of lunches everyday. The Artist Special spinach salad caught our attention and it was priced at under 10 dollars.  The decision was made.  We placed our order and explored the warm atmosphere a little while we waited. Going to the cafe in the Young Centre for the Performing arts in the Distillery District on the wayWe didn’t time the meal preparation but it did not seem to take long. I noticed the delicious looking hand made cookies displayed in the jar during the waiting interval. These chocolate chip cookies reminded and enticed me with their comfort of home.  The spinach salad was light yet filling with a good amount of blue cheese, apples and walnuts.  It was definitely a good source of creative nutrition and energy.

The National Ballet and Soulpepper Healthy Options

I came back another another day to find out more about the brilliance behind the good food.  The owners Erin and Justine of Les Louises Fine Foods started their enterprise creating and developing nutritious healthy food for dancers and staff at the in-house cafe at the National Ballet. The Soulpepper board members missed their really good healthy food choices when in the Distillery District and requested the food people they could trust. Since then they have received positive feedback from locals with their mostly vegetarian menu.

Made from Scratch Healthy Breakfast, lunch and Dinner

At the Young Centre for Performing Arts in Toronto Distillery District CafeCafe Les Louise serves baked goods, with choices of 5 – 6 sandwiches, specials, 3 salads and a soup. Everything is made from on site from scratch with the use of a lot of organic ingredients, with the exception of the local bread from Fred’s Breads. It’s been a transition to the Distillery District with public coming in from the street looking for crepes. However, they will be pleased with the excellent selection of wines, the healthy hand made lunch menu starting at noon, and many baked snacks in the morning.   The day menu is available into the evening until 8pm.  For those working in the area such as artists, business owners, and Toronto mortgage brokers, the option to call in your lunch order is available.

the drink menu at the cafe in the Young Centre for Performing arts centre in the distillery district Fine Cheese, Beer, Wine and Bubbles

If you are running late for your theatre show, no worries, you can place your order before you head in to the performance and have a bite to eat afterward. Erin, the owner added, “we like all of our wines.”    The price reflects the quality in vintage.  Fine cheese or meat boards are available for those on date night. Although they don’t have a full bar, the wine, beer and bubbles will add to the escape ‘night out’ theatre experience.

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