Segway of Ontario Sells Environmentally Sustainable Adventure on Cobblestone Lanes

Segway of Ontario. live green card, Toronto, Distillery DistrictSegway of Ontario offers guided tours of the Distillery District, as well corporate team building events in which different groups of employees compete while riding about atop these space age vehicles.   Segway of Ontario is the best place in Toronto to rent or buy a brand new Segway PT, and this organization also has certified staff and technicians to service the vehicles.

Segway of Ontario on Team Buy coupon, group modified discountSegways are a common sight in the Distillery Historic District.  These space age human transporters are available for rental at Segway of Ontario, #20 Gristmill Lane, beside the variety store at the base of Pure Spirits condo bldg.

The letters PT in the name ‘Segway PT’  stands for personal transporter in keeping with the original vision of 100% ecological sustainability.  In theory, the battery powered transportation device offers an urban society the potential of a zero emissions commute to work. The futuristic craft is a two-wheeled self-balancing battery-powered electric vehicle that was invented by Dean Kamen years before it debuted on television on Dec 3rd 2001, on the Good Morning America show.  It was hoped that someday people would be getting up and going out the door toward their Segway and maybe they could do that in Southern California but Ontario offers different challenges.

The Segway office in the Distillery is testament to the unique business model that thrives on letting people test-drive the gyroscopic personal transporter machine, using scenic tours as an excuse to let tomorrow’s customers have their first unforgettable experience.

managaer of Segway, Jason RizzutiSegway of Ontario selected the Distillery District as a convenient base of operations in Toronto. The cobblestone courtyards and alleys here are considered private property and off limits to most vehicles except bicycles and handcarts.  Segways dominate them during their scenic tours and the thrill of riding over those bumpy brick streets with the thick tires attracts many wandering visitors to the Segway of Ontario walking tour guide office at #20 Gristmill Lane.

New drivers spend a few minutes training on the Segway before the tour begins. Experienced guides like Andrew and Jason often make newbies practice their new found driving skills by making sharp turns through a row of evenly spaced orange road cones set about four feet apart along Gristmill Lane

Lauren Howe 18yrs old, the 2011 Miss Teen Canada World is a quick study – she took this spin around the Distillery Historic District on a Segway PT on July 27th 2011 courtesy of Jason Rizzuti at Segway of Ontario. Every summer Segway of Ontario donates a private tour to the newly crowned Miss Teen Canada – World and content marketing company Jib Strategic.  See 2012 Titleholder Megha Sandhu on a Segway PT in this previous Distillery District blog post. Follow Segway of Ontario on Twitter @SegwayOntario and here is the Segway Ontario Facebook Page.
Jason Rizzuti holds a sign advertising walking tours on Segway with prices, fees The first lesson on turning and stopping is followed by a course on speed control that’s taught in a quick spin around the Stone Distillery Bldg block. Then the history tour begins and by the end of the session, each driver has a taste of the past and a feel for the future. The tour group can accommodate up to eight participants per tour at a time. The ‘Glide’ Tour is available Tuesday to Sun at 11am, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5pm. The price is $39 per person plus tax and the duration is approx thirty minutes. Reservations are required.
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