Holiday Tree Take Down

The tourist attraction is finally taking down the christmas tree in the distillery district

February Farewell to the Holiday Season

How long is too long for Christmas decorations?  I was  under the impression that shortly after the new year was brought in, give or take a week, it was proper etiquette to pack up the holiday deco for the year.   The people that leave their holiday lights up all year usually are subject of a few remarks and chuckles about the laziness/tacky factor involved in the year long visual festivities.   Many of us leave patio furniture out all year long.  In the Distillery District they do.  I can’t help but wonder, sometimes if this is fair.   I am new to the Distillery District, but I do know this holiday year the delightful lit streets were a stunning vision to see in the evening.  They transformed this historical area into a magical environment that seem to bring some warm cheer to the hearts of people.  The tree was magnificent and well lit as well.  I’m sure all the decorations set the stage for some gorgeous photographs for visitors, local and international.  Public forums, like the Distillery District, for holiday decorated backgrounds, are far more grand for annual family portraits.  Far more interesting than the home staging efforts we can usually try to accomplish at home with the exception of no Fluffy the cat.  The Christmas tree and holiday lights that adorned the streets were a great attraction for the local businesses during the holiday season.  No wonder they kept them up until February.  The Distillery District is full of functioning business owners with lots of space for rent available.  Some would say it would be great to see manufacturing software companies take advantage of location.

The end of christmas season and the christmas tree in feb 2011 distillery district toronto

Chain Saw Destruction

As I walked by and noticed the chain saw laying on the ground, I couldn’t help but wonder what was the future of this holiday tree and what happened to the many others.  I was relieved to see that the tree was going to be recycled of course.  How could they not let this huge beauty die in vain.   It still had a purpose to serve.   The task of taking down the tree was not a quick work experience.  They were out there for a couple days working on it.  It gave us pedestrians more time to reflect and digest on the holiday past.

Farewell But You Will Not Be Forgotten

The Distillery District had some beautiful holiday decoration to draw in a diversity of visitors and photographers from near and far.   Everyday it very common to see people wandering the cobblestone streets in the distillery district all decked up with the latest photography and film gear.   The Christmas tree seemed to accentuate the historical qualities of the architecture.   I am slightly relieved to see goodbye to the tree that has unfortunately has become a symbol of commercialism.  I was not being bitter, I just felt it was time to move forward, into the spring seasonToronto distillery district and the holiday season 2011 has come to end and the christimas tree is finished in februrary .  I am welcoming this seasonal change, and encourage it to come soon.   However, I look forward to the holiday season returning once again, later in time. I appreciate the creativity and skills of the design artist that decorate the area.  The decorations will return once again so that we may  hopefully treasure and appreciate these art forms.   Thus, this is the reason why we put so much effort and time into the temporary creative productions.   Some of us feel sad to see the creative beauties  disassembled.  Sometimes beauty, joy and peace is only temporary for the sole purpose to cherish these treasures more dearly in the moment.
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