Give Santa the Boot, Receive A Free Christmas Tree

Did you know…that St. Nicholas and Santa Claus aren’t exactly the same? St. Nicholas originated from Europe, whereas Santa Claus is the North American adaptation of him.  In Europe, St. Nicholas Day is not the same day as Christmas day, and it tends to be the day when gifts are exchanged as well.

With that being said, on the night before St. Nicholas Day, children would leave a boot or stocking near the fireplace at home for St. Nick. Rumour has it that if they’ve been good, obedient kids throughout the year, then their boot would be filled with edible goodies (which is rather ironic, since issues of hygiene call for another blog post altogether). However, if they’ve been naughty that year, rumour says that their boot would be filled with these:

imagine waking on St. Nicholas Day and finding this in your stocking


Now, I don’t know which parent would actually go to the extent of filling up their child’s shoe with twigs just to prove a point, but I do know that this same tradition is being brought back here at the Distillery.

On St. Nicholas’ Eve (which lands on December 5th this year), the Christmas Market invites your children to give Santa their boot or stocking, and he will (hopefully) fill it with candies and other sweet treats. As for the twigs, I am quite sure that this portion of the ritual will not be performed :P . However, may I make a sound suggestion:

In lieu of the twigs, which are rather mean-spirited and spiteful, I suggest that the Christmas Market give away little Christmas trees.

Picture this:

You: A curious and festive visitor to the Christmas Market. You browse around and purchase a neat little ornament from one of the many street vendors. You can’t wait to go home and hang it on your tree. The lavender design will go perfectly with the rest of the trimmings and decorations. Suddenly, before you leave, the organizers stop you.

“What on earth for?” you say in confusion.

“Why, you forgot this!” as they hand you a complimentary Christmas tree. “Merry Christmas!”

In short, I’m proposing two options that would promote the Christmas Market tremendously:

    1) The Christmas Market could sell Christmas trees for a discounted price, or
    2) They could offer complimentary trees to visitors who have proof of purchase from one of the many street vendors at the Christmas Market.

Six reasons why this is a good idea:

  • Great promotional strategy for Toronto’s first-ever Christmas Market
  • Ties in perfectly with Christmas, the season of giving
  • The Distillery has plenty of space, so tree storage is not an issue
  • Encourages visitors to shop at the vendors, creates more business and revenue
  • Win-win situation for business owners, event organizers, and patrons
  • Offers a convenient service as there are no Christmas tree lots in the immediate area
  • What do you think of my Christmas tree proposal? [If you support it, please leave a comment below and I'll try my best to convince the organizers ;) ]
    Would the offer of a Christmas tree make you more likely to shop at the Christmas Market this year?

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    Ruth is an expressive arts therapist in Toronto Ontario Canada.
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