Feng Shui-ing Your Windows: Yay or Nay?

So I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from my friends that I’ve been talking incessantly about the Christmas Market. “It’s great,” they say, “but there’s only so much info about that holiday tree that I can absorb in a given week!”

In true Guidette fashion, I will now rebut: thanks, you jerk-offs. (I still love you though, please don’t stop reading my blog).

Thus, this entry will shift away from the Christmas Market. For hours, I wondered what was the furthest thing away from this Western holiday tradition? Luckily, my parents came over last night for dinner and provided me with just the answer.

An Eastern Philosophy and Tradition: Feng Shui

If you’ve been reading my previous blogs, by now you already know that I’ve just moved into a new condo at the Distillery. My parents came over for the first time since I’ve finally finished settling in. Their first response? They walked straight over to my windows. Not to admire the view, but to express their concerns about how my chi was not in harmony with my shades.

“Aiya! Your feng shui isn’t so good here, Jenn! Your windows are not proper, it’s going to affect your chi!”

Their second response? Silence, as they busied themselves windexing my windows and picking at the heavy drapes.

For those of you who are scratching your heads, let me explain. Feng shui (meaning wind water) is an ancient Chinese philosophy and practice aimed at creating a harmonious living environment, both physically and emotionally. Feng shui stresses the importance of having chi, or positive energy, float around. In order to have chi float more freely in your home, there are a whole set of guidelines and principles dedicated to this topic. For reasons of saving both my sanity and yours, I will not dwell in those guidelines. I will, however, recap you with what my parents did to my windows.

The Fobbysoxer’s Guide to Feng Shui-ing Your Windows:

wooden blinds are best because they are made of natural materials that allow chi to circulate easily

  • Like eyes are the windows to the soul, windows are the eyes of your home. That being said, for maximum chi circulation keep them clean and pristine. The formula here is as follows: (paper towels + windex)2 = (clear windows, clear eyes, clear mind)

    Number of minutes mom and dad spent wiping my windows: approximately 10.

  • Choose window treatments wisely. The trick is to let lots of natural light in during the day, but to keep prying eyes out at night. While this seems like common sense, feng shui principles state that bad luck can seep through your windows at night. Thankfully, there are some hi-tech window blinds that do just this.Number of minutes mom and dad spent changing my window blinds: none. Thank you, Levolor.
  • Mother nature understands chi best. Use natural materials as they allow chi to ciruclate more freely and happily. Chi is also more easily circulated when your curtains and blinds open and close easily.Number of minutes mom and dad spent changing my blinds into more natural, chi-friendly ones: None. I told them that most of my blinds were wooden except the ones in the living room. I then closed my living room shades in one swift motion, and after a moment’s hesitation, they nodded in approval. Levelor: 2, Having to unnecessarily replace my window treatments: 0 and a fist pump.
  • Dust = the number one chi killer. Keep your blinds clean to allow the chi in your home to be untainted.Number of minutes mom and dad spent vacuuming my blinds: None.
    Number of minutes I spent vacuuming my window coverings while vowing to myself to never live in a suite with windows again: 18
  • Chi-friendly curtain and blind colours: Yellow is refreshing for kitchens and playrooms. Pinks and greens evoke loving emotions best suited for bedrooms. Greens give a calming effect and work well for the living room and children’s rooms.Number of minutes my parents and I spent “discussing” how green would clash the rest of my living room: ongoing, 8.5 to date. This number would have been significantly higher had I not distracted them with the tempting smells of dinner fresh from the wok.
  • See? This is what happens when I diverge away from the Christmas Market and read a motorcycle blog or two.

    Thanks y’all for reading, have a great chi-filled day!
    Tomorrow: More updates on the Christmas Market’s holiday lights….kidding.

    Do you believe in feng shui? Is feng shui-ing your windows something you would consider doing, or is it too extreme in your opinion?

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