Distillery District Free Young Centre Programming – During Luminato Festival

Luminato Emoticonics free programming dance performanceThe Search for Free Programming During Luminato

The Luminato Festival began and I was on a search for some free programming taking place in Toronto.    I figured the historic Distillery District which is known for being one of the best growing artistic hubs in Toronto had to have some free performing arts to witness.   I did my web savvy search and found the Young Centre had some free events to attend during Luminato.  Being on a limited budget every little bit helps when you are an art lover who is inspired by the creative talents and performances of others.

The luminato festival at the Young centre for the performing arts centre in the Distillery District Toronto Emoticonics Love Story

I found the schedule of events and noticed few very intriguing programs.   Emoticonics was on the top of my list.  The information described it as a love story told through dance and the beatbox, directed by Weyni Mengesha, choreographed and performed by Troy Feldman and Kristy Kennedy.  However, there was another performance piece called Bedtime Stories that suggested you might be settling into comfy beds and transported into an intimate bedtime inspired performance.   They were unfortunately scheduled at the same time as Emoticonics.  The love story won the coin toss that evening.   In the end, we were a part of the entertained and satisfied audience.

In the Distillery District Toronto the Luminato Festival dance performance of Emoticonics

A Relevant Modern Day Dance With The Beatbox

Emoticonics had a brief description that left me wondering how this dance performance was going to be pulled off.  It’s sometimes fun not knowing what to expect in a theatre performance.  We were not expecting much only because of the word “Free”.   Well, I’ve paid a lot more for less.  It was incredible!  The story line was relevant, for most of us live in the digital world.  The fine details in the movement and the direction of the dance kept the audience delighted and entertained.  For a three man stage performance I was amazed at the ability to convey such a story through sound, light and movement.  The dance performers Troy Feldman and Kristy Kennedy worked well together and conveyed a believable and fun performance.    Everyone connected with social networking could relate to these three at the Tank House Theatre on Saturday night.  The sound designed and performed by aka SUBLIMINAL was tight with the dancers.   It was proof that art reflects life.   It felt like a University research thesis on the social networking was condensed into a light hearted and fun story told through sound and dance.  This was definitely a performance that audience from IT Staff to Toronto Accountants could find themselves relating to.

The Toronto Distillery District dance performance for the Luminato Festival Cabaret and Other Free Programming In the Distillery and Online

Seek out and you will find what you are looking for, at least I think this is the saying.  After Emoticonics I was in a greedy mood.  I wanted more!   We were directed into the Cabaret at the Young.  It was a completely different performance.  Here some artist celebrated the performing arts in a lounge type setting with a talk show cabaret featuring live music, and special guests.  We didn’t stick around the surprises.

Free Photography Contests Online Too

The Toronto Accountants support the A Counting Exercise photo contestIf you do another web search you will also find free online photo contest that are free as well.  I found Lenzr which has a main office in the Distillery District and is free to enter photos.  The current contests are:  A Counting Exercise, Best Office Staff Party, and Construction Sights.   IT Staff Toronto sponsor a Best Office staff Party photo contest with Lenzr These contests have some valuable Sony prizes to be won thanks to support from an Ottawa roofing company and another business that specializes in sunrooms.

Sunrooms company in Cambridge support the Shafts of Sunlight photo contest with LenzrMy favourite is the Shafts of Sunlight photo contest and look forward to seeing the photo submission for this creative endeavor.  These contests only run until the end of July but there will be new contests with Lenzr starting in August.   The Lenzr judges determine the winning photo after the online voting rank the top ten best photos.

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