Distillery District Christmas Market: Updates

distillery district xmas market lit holiday treeThe countdown is ticking down to the premiere of the Distillery’s first annual Christmas Market. The holiday tree is prepped with lighting and gold trim, and decorations are being put up around the neighbourhood. Construction workers are working hard to build platforms for the many street vendors that will be offering visitors the tastes, scents, and gifts of the holiday this season.

There will be a row of more than forty street vendors that will occupy from the Distillery’s front entrance, leading all the way to the holiday tree. Among the vendors are:

Distillery District construction for street vendors

  • Fabian’s Cafe,  Stickling Specialty Bakery, and Treats by Me for baked holiday goodies
  • Euroliving, Canadian Leg Lamps, and Avani Creations for unique gift ideas
  • Christmas Tyme, Christmas on the Beach, and Von Klien for Christmas and holiday ornaments
  • …and many more! For a full list of vendors, click here.

Click here for an article on how the Distillery is continuing to prepare for Christmas: Digital Journal: Christmas on its way at the Distillery

Which vendor will you be visiting when you come to the Christmas Market this year?

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Ruth is an expressive arts therapist in Toronto Ontario Canada.
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  1. Smojoe says:

    Great job Bobbiesoxer! very detailed posts and I love the original photography.

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