Distillery Art Market Has Leather Goods, Gold Jewelry, All Natural Lavender Oil From Niagara Falls

The Distillery Art Market is a collaboration between Artscape and The Distillery Historic District. I wrote about the Weekend Art Market on Distillery District Blog.

The Art Market happens every weekend in the summer, from May to September, and gathering is really popular on holiday long weekends, like the May24 Saturday glimpsed below. You can see on the clock that its six pm and some of the vendors have closed their tents for the day.

In case you don’t know anything about this weekend event, let me explain that the Art Market is gathering of local artists, craftspeople and food artisans. Participation fees are only $100 +HST per weekend, and a large portion of the rent they pay goes to support local charities.

Christian Aldo Brought Robots to the Distillery Art Market

Christian Aldo is a very prolific Toronto painter with lots of big canvases full of heart-stopping, jaw dropping high bass relief art.
Christian Aldo, art paintings, robots, high bass relief, pieces, Toronto, artistChristian Aldo is becoming more and more famous for his brightly coloured high bass relief caricatures of musicians and other passionate people playing at life.

Christian brought his new robot series to the Art Market this year and they are getting a lot of attention. Here he is below acting like a robot for the camera. The girls are theater people that are on their way to their show at Soul Pepper. They’re probably semi-famous personalities too, but I didn’t ask their names or find out their roles in the production. Unlike Christian Aldo, I’m too shy.

Christian acting like a robot, artist in Toronto, Christian Aldo

At the Art Market, there is music everywhere.

Clarinet Player, painting, Distillery District, Christian Aldo

The Distillery Art Market is also a great opportunity to visit the amazing artist studios that are more permanently located indoors at the the Case Goods Warehouse.  Here you will find glass bead makers, painters and sculptors and all manner of theater rehearsal spaces and dance troupes headquarters.

Tammy Nesbitt at Lavender Boutique was up from Niagara Falls

Lavender Boutique, Tammy Nesbitt, Niagara Falls, aromatherapy, essential oils
Tammy Nesbit of neob lavender caught my eye because she was selling lavender oil products at the Lavender Boutique, and while wearing a lavender striped shirt. I found the combination to be quite irresistible and did succumb to her intoxicating potions and personality. Her passion for all things lavender is really inspiring. The word ‘neob’ which I notice is never capitalized in any of their literature, stands for Niagara Essential Oils and Blends. She told me that they grow lavender and distill their own essential oils at their permanent location at 758 Niagara Stone Rd, Niagara on the Lake which is a few minutes north of Niagara Falls Ontario. The farm and processing operation can be toured daily and contains a natural perfumery, among other agricultural attractions. There is also a retail store which affords boutique shopping over a wide selection of homemade botanicals and aromatherapy products . On this location there is a distillery apparatus and supporting buildings opposite a large greenhouse.

Pepi Arden is a World Class jewelry designer

Pepi Arden is a world class gold and silver Swarovski crystal jewelry designer

Pepi Arden’s pale blue eyes light up when she talks about making jewelry. She confesses that some of her finest creations came to her in her dreams.  And it looks to me like she has beautiful dreams, and they must contain the most stunning arrangements for Swarovski crystal creations that the human subconscious can conceive… Pepi uses these expensive high quality manufactured crystals because they really catch the light, and she uses these gems among other semi precious stones in her glamorous compositions. This is body treasure – art that you can wear on your body, and the artifacts are heavy and feel authentic and valuable. The pieces are smooth to the touch, and beautiful to behold. Pepi buys components from all over the world, at home on her computer.  She buys gold from Ottawa gold buyer and procures topaz and amber from internationally certified gem dealers.

Below is Dave Flett who is a traveling American portrait artist that does fantastic caricatures like nobodies business. He wanted to do me but I was reluctant to have the worst / biggest parts of my face magnified by his pencil.

Caricatures by Dave Flett, Toronto Art Market

Its reasons like this that the Distillery District has been labelled a “must-visit” destination in Toronto, and the venue now attracts approximately 3000 visitors on average each weekend in the summer. That’s a lot of people.

Its also important to remember that the explorers who visit a historic district are probably a little more refined, with a natural passion for history, art and photography than other folks who might choose less culturally rich destinations in the city.

This high volume of sophisticated shoppers provides exhibitors with a fantastic low rent venue to sell their creations and expand their contact list as they network with other exhibitors and patrons. For more details subscribe to Artscape email newsletter.

Would you like to be featured in Art Market this year? A limited number of spaces remain available on select dates. To inquire about becoming an Exhibitor, please view the Call for Submissions. http://www.torontoartscape.org/distillery-art-market/call-2012

You can follow the Distillery Art Market on Twtter @DistilleryArt

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