Delivery Truck Hits the $20,000 Clock

the electricien looks at the custom clock in the distillery district Time Stands Still in the Distillery District

Beep beep beep went the delivery truck in the distillery district as it backed up into the the custom made clock from Florida.  Everyone loves this clock that always keeps perfect time.  I know I will miss it.  I can always count on the time being correct.

Electrical Care for Visitors and Pedestrians

Thomas the electrician works on the clock in the distillery district that has had been broken this springIt is unfortunate that this clock was destroyed beyond repair and will need a costly replacement.  It had a superb radio frequency and timely beauty to match the historical area.  Thomas the electrician was busy making sure to disconnect the 120 volts so that it was safe for pedestrians to continue to explore the Distillery.   Thomas the electrician with the Polish accent from Pro-connect, took care of the clock corpse and answered questions at the same time.

The time stops still in the distillery district in toronto due to a little accidentCustom Made Clock from Florida

This majestic time keeper will be surely missed.  The movie and tv sets with period pieces use this clock in the background often.   I have seen a few movie crews since January using this as one of the props in their scenes.   I often see photographers with their cameras snapping it’s timely beauty along with the historical architecture.   I was told that it may take a while for another clock to be ordered, made and delivered.  This clock was irreparable.   Time may be on hold for a while in the Distillery.   Patience is a virtue.

Radio Transmitter Connectionthe custom made clock in the distillery district gets a kicking

This radio controlled 20, 000 dollar clock never runs out of time.  It has a radio frequency that keeps this historical Distillery District in touch with modern times.  It’s a radio clock or radio-controlled clock that is synchronized by a time code bit stream transmitted by a radio transmitter connected to a  time standard such as an atomic clock.   Such a clock may be synchronized to the time sent by a single transmitter, such as many national or regional time transmitters, or may use multiple transmitters, like the Global Positioning System.  Such systems may be used to set computer clocks or clocks meant for human readability, or for any purpose where accurate time is needed.  This Distillery time piece has done a great job keeping us up to date and on schedule.  May it Rest in Peace.

the distillery district clock in Toronto needs a replacement.

New Distillery Time Design

This is the third time this has happened with a delivery truck.  The distillery business management is apparently thinking about altering the design of the next replacement clock so this hopefully doesn’t happen again.  A thicker sturdy base may help prevent the delivery vehicles from backing into the treasured clock.  It may give the time keeper some more support as well if a bump does happen to take place.  I hope it’s as beautiful of a replacement as the mourned radio clock.

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Ruth is an expressive arts therapist in Toronto Ontario Canada.
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