Cafe Uno Fast Lunch and Outdoor Patio

The tourist attraction Distillery District Cafe Uno has a quick delicious fast lunch that is affordable, eat in or take out, or enjoy the outdoor patio

Cafe Fare in the Distillery District Cafe Uno outdoor patioi with quick lunches in the distillery district toronto ontario canada, a tourist attraction for toronto

Working in an office in the distillery district has some definite benefits.  Being surrounded by such great architecture, arts and culture and of course some of the best food.   The ambiance and the amazing view walking to work each day is a delight.   It always feels like being part of something special.  Especially when you see a film crew set up from time to time, you never know who you might run into.

tourist attraction cafe uno in the historical distillery district

Quick Lunches at Cafe Uno

The Distillery District has a lot of high end restaurants with excellent food and atmosphere.  Perfect for a date or a special occasion.  However, when at work there is a desire for a meal that is simple good, fast, fun and affordable.   This is what Cafe Uno is working on with their over the counter meals.   There are options to dine in the air conditioning, enjoy the outdoor patio or take out for those in a real rush.   I’m usually in the later state and need a quick take out so I can carry on with my list of daily accomplishments.   We were in there and out with our food in 4 minutes.    the selection of fast and delicious sandwiches at Cafe Uno in the Distillery districtCafe Uno even offers a 10 percent discount if you live or work in the district.   The meals vary from warm dishes of pasta, to a wide variety of interesting salads and gourmet sandwiches.   They even serve gelato for those who like the Italian ice cream.   You will often see the owner grilling hamburgers or chicken out on the outdoor patio to your order.     I enjoy a good quality burger from time to time under one of the patio umbrella doing some people and dog watching. the delicious and cool gelato at cafe uno in the distillery district in toronto canada

The Historic Architecture and It’s Appeal

The interior of Cafe Uno has it’s Distillery District historical ambiance.  If it’s anything like our office at all it has it’s challenges with the temperature.   I do constantly see furnace people in there working at making the building up to grade so that patrons and staff are comfortable.  It’s a reminder that these beautiful architectural beauties were not created for our modern day usage.   I heard rumors that the Cafe Uno building was once the location of the paint shop production area where they created the labels on the whiskey bottles.   I wonder if this is true.  Either way it has a unique comfort and style.

Cafe Uno with quick lunches in the heart of the historical distillery district in Toronto canada

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Ruth is an expressive arts therapist in Toronto Ontario Canada.
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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Good pictures… except for the gelato one. Does Cafe Uno not have a website? Here it is
    You could have linked to that somewhere, and John would have thanked you.

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