Cafe Uno Displays Local Artist Paintings

The Local Appeal of Cafes and Restaurants for Artists

It’s not easy for Artist these days, the arts are usually the first to be cut in any kind of deficit.  Therefore, you see more art work expanding their exhibitions sites towards restaurants and cafe that don’t take much commission or require minimal hanging fee.  Compared to the gallery spaces and their higher fees, this can a great alternative for exposure.    Cafe Uno in the Distillery District began supported local artists by allowing them to hang their art work in their restaurant.   It’s a win win situation, with the art work adding an aesthetic appeal to the environment.  These heritage buildings in the district have to be careful with the creation of drilled holes into the brick walls.  The beams, display stands and windows used to hang paintings worked just was well. It is very difficult for historic buildings to also adopt renewable energy technologies, like a solar tracker or roof top solar as the bylaws are very restrictive for the same reasons.

Toronto Artist Ruth Wilgress displays her artwork in the Distillery DistrictCreating a Brand Personality Can Lead to Higher Sales and Profit

Art is a form of expression that can be very personal.  Artists choose to create art for various reasons but at some point if they want to profit from their art work they must learn to develop a style and brand personality.  Some may even hire the work of a consultant to advice in this area if it’s possible.  Most think about the message, expression and desire they want to convey to the public and keep in mind what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  People usually want to buy art work that they can connect with, or decorate with.  This is where story telling and good titles can be helpful.   Many might admire or be moved by art pieces but not necessarily want to hang it on their walls at home.  Something to keep in mind for those painters who like to paint disturbing subjects.

Toronto artist and art therapist Ruth Wilgress displays her paintings using recycled items at the Distillery District in Toronto

Toronto Artist Ruth Wilgress Recycles Her Discarded Computers and Others

This local Toronto Artist displayed at Cafe Uno, Ruth Wilgress, uses her concern for technological waste to inspire her creations.  She was shocked to find out the expected remarkably high increase of technological waste within the next five years.  She saw the overwhelming amount when she once visited a local land fill site for fun.  She currently has a job in the non for profit field but creates art work in her spare time.  She doesn’t necessarily make art to sell, but claims if she can sell a painting or two along the way to help her creative process she is more than grateful.  She explains, “displaying art work in public is a great opportunity to gain exposure and gain more confidence.”   Ruth has found it difficult to put a price on her art work.  However, she factors in the cost of supplies, time, effort and her attachment to a painting.Toronto Artist Ruth Wilgress displays her art work at Cafe Uno in the Distillery District in Toronto She claims she has undervalued her art work in the past, but these paintings did sell quickly.  She has had regrets later when she realized the time she invested was worth a lot more than the asking amount. Taking apart the computers is very time consuming and has it hazards.  Finding the right pieces can take a lot of physical effort as well.   Her discarded computer components that are incorporated into her painting add to the meaning of each piece.  If you have some time she will tell the story behind each art work.  For Example, the blue and green I WAS HERE painting which displays footprints symbolizing the carbon footprint. It also contains a small speaker with keypad letters spelling out, “I was here.”   I find it ironic that Ruth may be labeled a quiet person to some, considering she created such a loud spoken painting.

About Ruth Wilgress

Ruth is an expressive arts therapist in Toronto Ontario Canada.
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