A Taste of Quebec in Toronto’s Distillery District

The food boutique in the A Taste of QuebecFood Boutique Off of Distillery Lane in the Cooperage Building

Yes, there is a Taste of Quebec in Toronto.   This food boutique located off of Distillery Lane in the 4300 square foot venue in the Cooperage building is a unique deal.  The food boutique specializes in the very best terrior products from Quebec and has a gallery attached.   They have some of the finest artisan cheeses, terrines, gourmet oils and other epicurean delicacies. If you want an extra special gift basket for some one, in your life who appreciate Quebecois culture, you can get excellent  gift baskets.  They even have a catering service, on site tasting in the beautiful historic site, or off site.  Something to consider for those extra special events you have to organize.

A Taste of Quebec an art gallery and food boutique in toronto distillery district

A Taste of Quebec Hosts In Toronto

A Taste of Quebec hosts a variety of special tastings throughout the year.  Something to keep an eye out for, in the future.   They have an all French speaking staff as well for those Franco-phones living or visiting Toronto.   The Cooperage building is a gorgeous space and A Taste of Quebec has a magnificent gallery attached specializing in work from Artists from Quebec.   The friendly welcoming environment seems ideal for any event or cultural food exploration.   They offer unique sommelier services and special tastings of Quebec cheese and food products with their in house Fromagier.  They have companies from SONY to McCarthy Tetrault that have had events and product launches there as well as countless private clients hosting weddings, parties and receptions. It’s a unique historical space where you can enjoy Quebec delicacies prepared by their chef while admiring the artwork.   During the summer months, you can enjoy the patio located on Distillery Lane.

A Taste of Quebec curator Thom Sokoloski

Art Gallery Curator Thom Sokoloski – Nuit Blanche Participation

I was quickly welcomed as soon as I entered A Taste of Quebec.   Thom Sokoloski the curator of the gallery, also an artist, was quick to great people walking into the gorgeous venue.  He has worked there a few years.   Our introductions and discussions lead to Nuit Blanche which is an annual all night city art festival open to the public in the fall.  Thom is curating the ‘Futurism Today or Not’ art installation and the  Call is On to all artists to participate!   The deadline is September 1.   It’s an independent project for Scotiabank curated by Thom Sokolski.  Toronto Distillery District A Taste of Quebec art gallery in the Cooperage Building of off Distillery Lane

Futurism Today or Not

The ‘Futurism Today or Not’ will examine the artistic originality of the Futurists and how it can be reinterpreted today as a significant artistic movement of humanity’s inventiveness and/or a fleeting simulacrum of an artificial optimism appropriated by the zeitigeist of it’s times.  If you have questions about further explanation or how to exactly to get involved in the installation contact Thom.   He is very approachable.

photo Cooperage SquareRoom Landry Thompson Landry Gallery

Thompson Landry Gallery

A Taste of Quebec has it’s sister company located in the beautiful Thompson Landry Gallery adjacent to the boutique.   Opened in March of 2006, the Thompson Landry Gallery is one of the newest additions to the arts community at the Historic Distillery District.   The Thompson Landry Gallery showcases some of the very best of the new generation of contemporary artists, as well as the great masters of Quebec. Housed in a beautiful 2700 square foot space in the Stone Distillery Building, it is the only gallery in Toronto specializing purely in Quebec artists and sculptors.

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