A Hot Tourist Attraction in Toronto

The Distillery District a hot tourist attraction

Hot Attraction in the Distillery District

I don’t think many will be surprised when I say that it is a scorcher  in the Distillery District today.  It’s a definitely the time to grab all your stainless steel ice cube trays and put them to work.   It’s difficult to believe that we could not live without a furnace four months ago.    Well, according to the Canadian weather network  there is a heat advisory in effect for all of Toronto.   Apparently the heat is going to continue on for while, so have to learn to lighten up and chill….   Many building are air conditioned so it’s nice to take refuge from time to time and the Distillery has plenty of buildings to do this in.

Toronto tourist attraction in the midst of a heat wave in July

Restaurant and Cafe Outdoor Patios During the Heat Wave

Tourists visit during the summer months all the time from around the world.  Some look so great, it seems like they stepped out of a  Yorkville salon.   Many tourists visiting Toronto aren’t effected by the hot temperatures that keeps us Canadians complaining.   I don’t know why.    The Distillery District is a hot tourist attraction either way.  Even in the heat, there were still people roaming the streets with cameras, enjoying the sun, food, shopping, photo ops and drinks on patios. It is easy to notice who is more effected than others.   Many of the restaurants provide water bowls filled with ice water for our furry animal friends.  This is a great inclusion.   My dog KC was very appreciative of the service and the pretty table umbrellas to shelter from the blaring sun. Fortunately the Distillery District is close to lake front and there is a cool breeze from to time to time too.The heat wave in the Distillery district, a toronto hot tourist attraction

Toronto Tourist Attraction Photo Dream

The historical buildings in the Distillery are great photo opportunities even in the heat.  The corridors and alleys provide shade and the outdoor patios make feel like you have stepped back in time with the cobblestone beneath your feet. Depending on where you point your camera you can take some great photo shots of the Toronto city scape and the CN tower in the background.  The historical artifacts that are strewn throughout buildings and the streets make great photo back drops too.   It’s no wonder you see photographers with tripods and their gear with their stunning models come to the district all the time.   The heat wave in the summer in the distillery district a tourist attraction

Walking Distance to Downtown Toronto and a Unique Toronto Bed and Breakfast

For those visiting the city of Toronto I can understand why it’s a popular place to visit.   I have often walked from the Distillery District to the downtown core or the harbourfront.  It’s a place I love to take my out of town friends and family.  They can feel like they are taking in the Toronto tourist attractions and bring their cameras with out the embarrassment of being a local tourist.   I know my family has enjoyed this when visiting from out of town.  My  small town niece said she wouldn’t mind living in Toronto after one of our excursions to this area.    There is a lot going on and to see.

It’s obvious there is a lot of history, culture, arts, shopping, restaurants, theatre, attractions and more.   I love to walk.   On my explorations towards the harbourfront I came across some friendly boat owners.  I found a unique Toronto bed and breakfast nearby for those that do not like to stay in the big hotels downtown.  It’s a dream sleeping on the water. It might be my next stay-cation plan.   With the new Bixi bike system Toronto is even easier to explore with out the great hassle of driving downtown.   I really dislike the inconvenience of finding parking.    I’ve lived in places all over this world and as you can tell that I am in love with Toronto.  I hope it lasts.

Hey as a side note: have you ever wondered “what page of google am i on? Type your name into Google and see what comes up. You’ll be surprised what you might find.

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