Search and Social Rank Symposium Five at El Catrin

October 15th 2013,  6pm – 9pm
El Catrin Restaurant in the Distillery District
18 Tank House Lane, Toronto
$20 Buffet Dinner (includes a complimentary beverage)

Search and Social Rank Symposium Meet-Up Group Page

Ideas delivered fresh and hot by SEO, SEM and SMM experts, Search and Social Rank Symposium #5 is set to be a cerebral dinner party.

TICKETS are $20 and include dinner, drinks and a night of ideas

Diners interact directly with Speakers to better digest knowledge about Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, and the congress between these two different marketing modalities.

Learn SEO, SMM secrets to making your website rank higher on Google.

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$20 Ticket to Search and Social Rank Symposium Number Five buys a buffet dinner, an alcoholic beverage, and access to a weird and wonderful night of ideas.

This is not a gathering of sales people, but rather a meeting of the minds where experts generously share their secrets in an open exchange of bold new strategies.

Small to medium sized business owners, brand managers, web developers and all manner of internet marketing types should plan to attend this fascinating event.

This one night is what we live for, it could change your life, improve the health of your business and your mind, and all of your online marketing endeavors.

A $20 ticket buys a buffet dinner, an alcoholic beverage, and access to an unforgettable night of ideas in a freshly renovated historic setting.  Four speakers will be sharing their knowledge in expeditious 20 minute presentations, half of which are occupied taking questions, enjoying witty banter and informative discussions with attendees.

Rob Campbell, SMOJoe is Moderator and will discuss ‘Memeweaving’.

Rob Campbell, SMOJoe, content marketing, SEO in Toronto, memeweaving, SSRS5Rob Campbell is a renown content marketing for SEO author / speaker in Toronto is the moderator of this event.  He will start and end the evening’s discussion with an exploration of the tools and tactics found at the intersection of SEO and SMM.

Rob is set to discuss Contest Journalism in a fifteen minute presentation entitled,  How to use web contests to rank 1st on Google!  The presentation is full of real life examples that show how simple contests can help sponsors dominate their business niches socially, and rank #1 in search engines for popular business keywords.

Jennifer Balogh is an email marketing expert.

Jennifer Balogh, email marketing expert at VigorateJennifer Balogh is an email marketing specialist who’ll speak on Email Marketing in a Social World which will focus on why email must be a factor for digital marketers, and how social media has already impacted and will continue to improve newsletter campaign based email marketing systems.  Jennifer wont be wasting anyone’s time while demonstrating some of her best practices as she shares some tips and tactics for building subscriber lists and

Jennifer is the Senior Director, Account Management and Strategy at Vigorate Digital Solutions.  She’s been with the company for eight years, and has seen email marketing evolve and become more versatile to help different business sectors.

email marketing in Toronto , expertsJennifer likes to use her experience to help maximize her clients’ interactive budgets and loves to give marketers valuable tips to increase the reach and response of their activities.  She comes packing a fresh perspective on email newsletters which will could change how you execute your next campaign.

Brian Rotsztein to give Secrets on How to Use Video for SEO.

Brian Rotsztein is a popular business and marketing consultant and blogger at  He’s also the CEO of Uniseo (a boutique SEO & Internet Marketing Agency based in Montreal), and President of the Canadian Internet Marketing Association.

Brian Rotsztein SEO in MontrealBrian has been engaged in web marketing since 1997.  He’s authored the books “SEO for 2012″, and “Content Marketing Ideas: 200+ Tips for Your SEO and Social Media Strategy” which are available at

Brian will be speaking about How to Use Web Videos to Increase Ranking and Conversions on Google.  Mr. Rotsztein frequently speaks at large conferences like WordCamp, PodCamp, Social Media Breakfast, and others across Canada and the US.

Eco Friendly Blogger Green Moxie to Share 5 Secrets to Brand Storytelling

eco friendly blog, green moxie, Nikki Fotheringham, green bloggerNikki Fotheringham writes a popular eco-friendly blog Green Moxie which has built a big following because of her search and social tactics, and storytelling. On this coming Tuesday 15th Oct night, Nikki is set to show five slides to display clearly and tell folks how she became such a blog diva and content developer.  Nikki Fotheringham is set to share Five Secrets To Brand Storytelling.

Geoff Whitlock, CEO of Content Marketing Company and web P.O.E.T.

Geoff Whitlock, CEO of Surround Integrated Marketing,

Geoff Whitlock will be briefly discussing the inter dimensional relationship between Paid Media, Owned Media and Earned Media and he’s set to share real life examples of how he personally delivers value to brands by executing or instigating his POEM filled approach to digital marketing.

This presentation promises to be an insightful look at web advertising processes developed by CEO of a smart young content marketing agency here in Toronto Ontario Canada.  Geoff will share his POEMS, Paid, Earned and Owned Media on the Web
Follow Rob Campbell @Roberrific on Twitter for more updates on #SSRS5

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Historical Restoration of Victorian Age Brick Bldgs

Below is a man at work re-pointing bricks, doing historical restoration of the north exterior wall of Balzacs Coffee house in the Distillery District.

historical restoration expert fixes bricks on Balzacs in Distillery District coffee house
repairing bricks on historic building

This work has to be done now and before winter freezes up the mortar between the bricks and does even more damage to the wall. Winter rain and freezing winds will crack and break apart old brick walls.
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Segway of Ontario Sells Environmentally Sustainable Adventure on Cobblestone Lanes

Segway of Ontario. live green card, Toronto, Distillery DistrictSegway of Ontario offers guided tours of the Distillery District, as well corporate team building events in which different groups of employees compete while riding about atop these space age vehicles.   Segway of Ontario is the best place in Toronto to rent or buy a brand new Segway PT, and this organization also has certified staff and technicians to service the vehicles.

Segway of Ontario on Team Buy coupon, group modified discountSegways are a common sight in the Distillery Historic District.  These space age human transporters are available for rental at Segway of Ontario, #20 Gristmill Lane, beside the variety store at the base of Pure Spirits condo bldg.

The letters PT in the name ‘Segway PT’  stands for personal transporter in keeping with the original vision of 100% ecological sustainability.  In theory, the battery powered transportation device offers an urban society the potential of a zero emissions commute to work. The futuristic craft is a two-wheeled self-balancing battery-powered electric vehicle that was invented by Dean Kamen years before it debuted on television on Dec 3rd 2001, on the Good Morning America show.  It was hoped that someday people would be getting up and going out the door toward their Segway and maybe they could do that in Southern California but Ontario offers different challenges.

The Segway office in the Distillery is testament to the unique business model that thrives on letting people test-drive the gyroscopic personal transporter machine, using scenic tours as an excuse to let tomorrow’s customers have their first unforgettable experience.

managaer of Segway, Jason RizzutiSegway of Ontario selected the Distillery District as a convenient base of operations in Toronto. The cobblestone courtyards and alleys here are considered private property and off limits to most vehicles except bicycles and handcarts.  Segways dominate them during their scenic tours and the thrill of riding over those bumpy brick streets with the thick tires attracts many wandering visitors to the Segway of Ontario walking tour guide office at #20 Gristmill Lane.

New drivers spend a few minutes training on the Segway before the tour begins. Experienced guides like Andrew and Jason often make newbies practice their new found driving skills by making sharp turns through a row of evenly spaced orange road cones set about four feet apart along Gristmill Lane

Lauren Howe 18yrs old, the 2011 Miss Teen Canada World is a quick study – she took this spin around the Distillery Historic District on a Segway PT on July 27th 2011 courtesy of Jason Rizzuti at Segway of Ontario. Every summer Segway of Ontario donates a private tour to the newly crowned Miss Teen Canada – World and content marketing company Jib Strategic.  See 2012 Titleholder Megha Sandhu on a Segway PT in this previous Distillery District blog post. Follow Segway of Ontario on Twitter @SegwayOntario and here is the Segway Ontario Facebook Page.
Jason Rizzuti holds a sign advertising walking tours on Segway with prices, fees The first lesson on turning and stopping is followed by a course on speed control that’s taught in a quick spin around the Stone Distillery Bldg block. Then the history tour begins and by the end of the session, each driver has a taste of the past and a feel for the future. The tour group can accommodate up to eight participants per tour at a time. The ‘Glide’ Tour is available Tuesday to Sun at 11am, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5pm. The price is $39 per person plus tax and the duration is approx thirty minutes. Reservations are required.
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Third Annual Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District

Starting in the new millennium, and every year forward the most wholesome holiday magic happens inside the confines of the historic Distillery District. It starts slow, just a little bit at a time, and then builds into a crescendo that is the Toronto Christmas Market.

west gate, Toronto Christmas Market Follow the Toronto Christmas Market on Twitter to understand how the holiday season grows all year long to explode on the scene in December. The magic imbues the Victorian era heritage buildings in the Distillery District with another layer of cultural bliss – for seventeen days the entire place is in blossom!

The one-of-a-kind holiday event runs from Friday November 30th until Sunday Dec 16th 2012, and during this brief period there is a wide selection of hard-to-find goods and services for sale here, and there is also a photo contest with multiple prizes.
Toronto Christmas Market, front gate by Jamie leigh TO 2012 Toronto Christmas Market will reward one lucky shutterbug with $250 cash or dinner in any of three world class Distillery District Restaurants!

Check the 2012 Toronto Christmas Market Photo Contest on Lenzr, or visit the Toronto Christmas Market website.

Toronto .com logoSponsored by, this photo contest collected over 300 pictures last year, and 7000 votes as folks laboured to get their pics into the Top Ten grouping to be eligible for the grand prize.

Prizes for the 2012 competition are as follows,

The Winner will receive a $250.00 cash prize,

Lowe's TCM logoThe 2nd place winner will receive a $150.00 Distillery Restaurant gift certificate

The 3rd place winner will receive a $100.00 Distillery Restaurant gift certificate.

Upload original photos now and until December 25th * Try to keep you uploads under 4mbs.

Voting begins December 15th and ends midnight Dec 25th

Top ten images advance to judges. *Sponsor is Judge, Here is a link to the Term of Use page unique to this contest. Winner announced on Lenzr blog Jan 1st 2013. Lowe’s 2012 Toronto Christmas Market event runs from Friday Nov 30th to Sunday December 16th, 2012 at The Distillery District, Must Be 13yrs older to enter – gift certificates and cash prizes will be mailed anywhere in Canada only. Good luck!

thumbnail pictures of the submissions to 2011 Toronto christmas market photo contestThe 2012 Toronto Christmas Market brings together family entertainment inc musicians, carolers and children’s choirs in a magnificent holiday manifesto. These markets originated in Germany back in the fifteenth century and are now being held in many countries all over the world.

Toronto’s Christmas Market is a world class shopping destination. The stuff sold here is very rare; merchants must apply and are selected by jury for the right to sell unique products all along the different streets. The Distillery District is playing host, for the third year in a row to this festive extravaganza that’s expected to entertain three hundred thousand visitors – it gets bigger and better each year.
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Top Skills Required To Boost Clients Acquisition

Sheamus J. MacLeanClients acquisition is a perennial challenge for your business because no business enterprise can sit back relax and say, ‘now we have enough customers’. The day you embrace such an attitude is the day you start digging your own grave paving way to the natural death of your business. Heavily loaded words are used here purposefully because clients acquisition is no child’s play. You need very special skills to boost your clients acquisition rates.

Though several skills come into play in making a business into a great success, let us try to identify the top skills that are essential for boosting strategic clients acquisition rates. One of the most important skills that is essential in this highly competitive market is creativity. The competition is so high in every niche that customers are smothered with loads of information from different quarters both online and otherwise. To set yourself apart amidst such high competition you need to be different and for which you need creative positioning skills.

Secondly, you should have the ability to understand your customers’ requirements or their specific needs. In other words you should feel their pulse, their fears, concerns, frustrations and expectations only then you will be able to meet their needs effectively. It goes without saying whether it is B2B scenario or B2C scenario customers automatically go with brands and companies that address their requirements fully. You should primarily understand your customers needs and you should also know how to convey that you understand their requirements in the most effective way. This takes us to the next aspect which is communications. Your client acquisition personnel should possess excellent communication skills not just to market your brand but to build the trust and confidence in your customers about your brand.

Are you turning apprehensive about the demands that are on you? You need not despair, it is not necessary that you have to accomplish everything yourself. The secret is to identify the required expertise that will help you boost strategic client acquisition rates. One of the top experts that can help you is Sheamus J. MacLean. He is a highly experienced business consultant that helps companies with their strategic clients acquisition planning. You can make use of such resources that are at your disposal so that you can focus on other important aspects of brand development. You can partner with Sheamus J. MacLean to have your strategic clients acquisition needs met. This will not only leave you with a lot of free time but it will also take your business towards greater success.

Sheamus Maclean, Economic Performance ArchitectSheamus J. MacLean has worked with number of businesses and given them a complete taste of success. You too can benefit from his services and strategically boost your clients acquisition rates. Sheamus J. MacLean makes use of only highly effective and proven strategies. Your ability to grow your business in turn depends on your ability to find the right skills required. Rather than dwelling on your own limitations getting professional business consultation assistance will turnout to be more productive for your business.
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